Welcome to the Qamari Dance Collective

The Qamari Dance Collective is a collaborative of dance artists specializing in folkloric and modern dances of the MENAHT regions (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic/Greece, and Turkey) and related styles. Mahsati Janan created the Qamari Dance Collective in 2007 to encompass professional instruction and performance in multiple styles of Raqs Sharqi, commonly known as belly dance. From 2007-2018, the QDC was based in Asheville, NC, but is now based in Burlington, VT.


As part of our mission of education and community involvement, Mahsati and the Qamari Dance Collective have also produced the Raqs Layali educational training and performance showcases of folkloric and modern dances. 

The Qamari Dance Collective focuses on collaborative works between dancers who have their own styles and specialties and are excited to collaborate with other artists. Any dancer who has worked with Mahsati on a Qamari Dance Collective project is considered an alumni of the collective.

Mahsati's performance troupes, Qamari Dance and Banat al Qamar, are extensions of the Qamari Dance Collective and you will often see troupe members in these and other productions. Members the Qamari Dance Collective are available for performances. Please contact us for more information.


Any dancer interested in more information on working with Qamari for future projects should email Mahsati for details.​

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